Film Up Here, Cast Up Here

We proudly represent Northern Ontario Actors across the 46th Parallel, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Parry Sound.


Our talented actors have strong backgrounds in English, French and Indigenous film, television and theatre.   

We have a commitment to nurturing the Northern Ontario film industry and the people who work within it.  Our approach guides our actors to audition for the most suitable roles.  We are personally invested in each actor, and have their best interests in mind.

Our Actors Have appeared in Northern Ontario Productions:

"Letterkenny S2 & S3& S4", "Never Saw It Coming", "Grim Trigger", "Amelie et Compangie S2 &3", & "Carter" TV series, "Goalie", "He Never Died 2", "Noel en Boite", "Bad Blood S2",  "Northern Rescue Season 1", "V-Wars", "Sleigh-Bell Sweethearts", "Spare Parts", "Pride Prejudice and Mistletoe".

And Outside Northern Ontario in, "Burden of Truth", "Largo" and "My Worst Nightmare"


We boast over 50 Northern Ontario actors!  We work together to boost Northern Ontario actors and are growing in size and status all the time! 


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