COVID-19 Supervisor


Marquise Amyotte

Are you looking for someone to keep your set safe from Covid-19?

From North Bay, Ontario, Marquise is a well qualified Covid-19 Supervisor.  She has serviced many film and TV productions, including: Resident Evil, Unsettled, and La Switch!  Her 10 year background as a Registered Nurse made her a pro at implementing infection control protocols such as contact, droplet and airborne isolation. 


Contact us to arrange to have Marquise work with your team to keep a clean and safe environment for the cast and crew!

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A COVID-19 Supervisor who can effectively:

  • Interpret and guide the implementation of Ontario Ministry of Labour, SAG and ACTRA COVID-19 related Guidelines

  • Educate cast and crew on infection control and PPE use

  • Provide department specific education and training

  • Consult for risk management on Location/Tech Scouts

  • Liaise with locations and cleaning staff to advise on appropriate cleaning protocols

  • Supervise Covid Department - Coordinator, Covid Compliance Officers and Sanitization Staff

  • Implement a plan, monitor and follow up for symptomatic cast and crew

  • Liaise with Medical consultant to establish and implement testing protocols

  • On set monitoring of cast and crew adherance to protocols

  • Supervision of a daily medical checkpoint